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Clicko offers the world's most targeted app installs. You can target based on gender, age, income, interests, and app usage to yield the very best customers for your mobile app.

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App Usage

Retention and Engagement

Retention is critical for your app to succeed. If someone forgets about your app or uninstalls it before using the first time, then your conversion rates will suffer and you will also be penalized in the app rankings.

Clicko specializes in app engagement campaigns where users will launch your app multiple times after installing. This allows people to actually see and use your awesome app while also being positively rewarded by the app stores for increased retention and app engagement. Combined with targeting, Clicko retention campaigns are your secret weapon for app store domination.

Worldwide Traffic

Clicko provides quality installs from around the world. Our global presence in over 100 countries and over 30 native languages provides the breadth to allow your mobile app and brand to be recognized at a world scale and grow simultaneously in multiple markets. Why dominate just one app chart when you can dominate them all.

Artificial Intelligence

Clicko will optimize your campaigns through state of the art optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence. As you continue advertising with Clicko, our machine learning algorithms and next generation advertising technology will continue providing you optimal conversions and performance at every stage.

Superior Results

Clicko can deliver your high quality installs as soon as you say go. We deliver all of the installs through our own mobile assets and never through 3rd parties.

All installs come from real people who will install and engage with your app. We never use bots like many of our competitors which is one of the many reasons wby Clicko clients see superior results.

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