Targeted App Installs

Clicko offers the world's most targeted app installs. You can target based on gender, age, income, interests, app usage, and a whole array of data to get installs from the best customers for your mobile apps.

Age + Gender
App Usage

App Engagement

Clicko also offers app engagement campaigns. Get targeted users who actually use your app and launch it continually so that you can grow an awesome, active community for your mobile applications. Whether's it's the first launch or something more sophisticated like reaching level 10 or using the app for 20 days, we have you covered.

Realtime Targeted Market Research

Clicko also supports targeted realtime and extended market research studies. Instantly find out answers from real consumers that match your audience. Clicko also supports longer timer studies as well to see consumer interest and behavior over time. Whether you have just a few questions or an elaborate questionnaire, we can get you the answers you are looking for.

Targeted Lead Generation

Clicko can send you realtime leads in any vertical for people interested in your product. Whether you are looking for leads in home loans, education, health insurance, auto insurance, personal loans, online shopping, mobile retail, or another interest then Clicko can deliver. Target users based on interests, geography, age, gender, income, location, habits, and more.

High Volume of Quality Targeted Website Visits and CPA Campaigns

Clicko provides targeted campaigns for both click-baed keyword/interest based marketing and also targeted click marketing on user demographics. If you need more specific actions to take place then Clicko also can offer CPA traffic as well (CPA for registration, CPA for purchase, and CPA for any other metric you wish to define.

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